The #1 utility your community
needs - Security

Protect your community from scams and malicious actors across the web3 ecosystem.

Voxlink for projects

Voxlink for users

Security Solutions

Ownership Verification Users will be able to prove ownership of their NFTs when minting subcollections or claiming airdrops through their burner wallet without connecting the main wallct containing their assets.
Ghostminting™ Users of a new project/company will be able to mint or claim NFTs directly with their burner wallet while the asset is transferred to the main wallet seamlessly.

Custom solutions

Smart Contracts Leave your smart contract to us, offering ERC721 and ERC1155 contracts, with custom functionality. All backed by our secure technology.
Good utility without good security is just a liability.
Voxlink keeps you secure, so you can focus on your community.

Voxlink in Action